Lensational organises first advanced photography workshop

Lensational organises first advanced photography workshop
May 28, 2015 admin

Lensational organised the first advanced photography workshop for our students focusing on photo-editing techniques using Lightroom. We had the honour of inviting a renowned photographer, Anastasia Darsano.

She is a Hong Kong based-Indonesian born photographer, who studied fashion in Paris and Milan and established a successful accessory and jewellery line under her own brand in Indonesia. Her portfolio is here: http://www.anastasiadarsono.com

Stay tuned as we will announce more collaboration with Anastasia Darsono Photography!

Thanks to Tck Learning Centre for the space and to Credit Suisse for additional volunteers.

The event photos can be found on our Facebook page here. The portfolio of our women photographers are on our online platform, photos.lensational.org.

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