Bonnie Chiu attends Concordia Summit as Resolution Fellow

Bonnie Chiu attends Concordia Summit as Resolution Fellow
October 2, 2015 admin

On 1/2 October 2015, the Concordia Summit convened the world’s preeminent thought leaders and decision makers to discuss Public-Private Partnerships. Speakers included US Vice President Joe Biden, CEO of Coca Cola Muhtar Kent and Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Thanks to the Resolution Project, our Co-Founder Bonnie was invited to attend the esteemed conference.

Concordia as an organisation is a true inspiration to young entrepreneurs like ourselves. Founded by Nick Logothetis and Matthew Swift when they were 23, it now convenes the world’s preeminent thought leaders, and championing the empowerment and inclusion of youth in these important dialogues.

The Resolution Project led a strategy session titled, “Pathway to Action: Supporting Youth-Led Social Enterprises”. The panel featured established young social entrepreneurs, as well as charity leaders from UNICEF and The Rockefeller Foundation.


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