Help us raise £2000 online!

Help us raise £2000 online!
November 15, 2014 admin

Our crowd funding campaign will be launched on Nov 20, the Social Enterprise Day!

We are appealing for your support to help us raise £2,000 (US$3,100) in order to equip 60 participants who joined our programme in September 2013 and their families in Lahore, Pakistan with digital cameras and photography training. The campaign hasn’t gone live yet but as one of our earliest supporters, we invite you to watch our video here.

What you can do now:
1. Pledge your donations (welcome any amount!)
2. Mark the date in your calendar (Nov 20!)
3. Spread the word: forward the e-mail or share on social media!

With your donations, you can choose a range of photography merchandise as rewards! 97% of all money raised will go straight into Lensational’s programme costs in Pakistan (PayPal charge 3% commission, but NO other commission!).

The project will be the first-ever project to go live on HelpingB, a new crowd funding platform focusing on young social entrepreneurs based in London.

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