Lensational host storytelling workshop in Kunming, China

Lensational host storytelling workshop in Kunming, China
February 11, 2018 admin

Without storytelling or the ability to share our missions with others, our values and goals only go so far. Our Corporate Partnerships Coordinator and keen photographer, Hannah Wilson, was invited to represent Lensational and lead a workshop on the use of photography to invoke emotion at a conference in Kunming, China.

The conference, titled How to Tell Your Own Story: Improving Chinese NGO’s Communication Capacity, was organised by the Global Environmental Institute and the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum , and gathered learnings on how organisations in the third sector can use storytelling to share their impact more effectively. In addition to photography, participants practiced storytelling techniques, including perfecting their elevator speech, creating infographics to communicate data, and utilising educational games. Discussions also explored China going out – or Chinese organisations in a global context.

We were honoured to represent Lensational, and to share our thoughts about the power of photography as a storytelling tool – an empowering medium that extends beyond barriers.

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