Member of the Week: Sunnie Chiu

Member of the Week: Sunnie Chiu
May 21, 2015 admin

This special week, we would like to honor our program leader Sunnie who brought the concept of Lensational all the way over to Bangladesh. Here, she will tell us from where she became connected to Lensational and how her experience has been so far.

I have never thought of pressing a shutter to change the world until I met Lensational.

Having been working in a social enterprise for few years, I felt connected with them instantly when I met the founders of Lensational. “If photography can improves gender inequality, why not on my passion, racial inequality?” I asked myself. Then, I got into the organisation and then my world has changed. I spent almost every Sundays to go on photo teach with my new “Indonesian friends”. Although I have no knowledge on photography skills, I help them know more about their “new home” around Hong Kong. One of the helpers told me that she found herself as a human rather than a maid during photography workshops. She changed her world through the lens while she gained confidence by pressing every shutters. Indeed, cameras turns to a common language for both of us, changing our ways to see the world.

I don’t know how powerful the photography is. At least, it has changed me, her and maybe other women who need this stage to show their talents.

Thank you so much Sunnie for your emotional sharing. Can’t wait to hear more stories from you about your Bangladesh trip! If you are interested in working with us and experiencing the magic of women empowerment through photography, send us an email today at !

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