Member of the Week: Cherie Tam

Member of the Week: Cherie Tam
May 7, 2015 admin

The first blog of May introduces you to our MVP of the week: Cherie Tam! She has a dedicated public relations manager for the past year and is very active in picking out amazing pictures with meaningful messages on Instagram! Here’s her little sharing about Lensational and photography:

Photography is an unrestricted way of communication. One simple photo can tell a story with a meaningful message. Instead of using words to explicitly ask for donations or describe a story, photos can do more than that and to provide readers a room for free interpretation. Not only has Lensational attempts to help lots of women in the developing country financially and emotionally, but also achieves to be more environmentally friendly by recycling cameras in the developed world.
Thank you so much Cherie and we look forward to our projects together over the summer! If you want to effect changes and help our cause to empower women, send us an email at !

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