Member of the Week: Amy Chau

Member of the Week: Amy Chau
April 30, 2015 admin

We decided to shake things up a little bit this week. Amy shares with us her journey with Lensational since November 2014. She has been working as our marketing and public relations manager in Hong Kong. She tells us how her involvement with Lensational, especially the photo teach workshops, gradually changed her concept about women empowerment.

I started volunteering at Lensational in Nov 2014 and have introduced Lensational to people for numerous times in the past six months. Yet, I always feel that there is an element lacked in my sharing/pitching. Everything I’ve said seems to be mere paper talk without hands-on experience – It is not convincing (at least to myself) enough.

The photo-teach workshop held on last Sunday is a turning point for me. Our Indonesian helpers’ Cantonese is so fluent that there was no language barrier; the professional cameras and photography skills they owned surprised me; the photographic angles they captured were very interesting; and the views they shared were thought-provoking. During those few hours of interaction, I was impressed by their persistency and could truly feel their passion for photography as well as life. There is so much to share, but in short, it was a fantastic experience and we all enjoyed the day a lot. Now I believe I am confident to answer queries like ‘Does photography really help or work? The idea is abstract.’ again.

We often need something to uphold our values – I guess that something is personal experience, and with more and more. Therefore, I look forward to the Bangladesh impact tour in a month’s time, anticipating more insights.”
Photo credits to Sinna Hermanto, one of our Lensational students. She captured this special photo while the group were taking a selfie – see how good they are in snapping moments!

Thank you so much for your sharing Amy and we really appreciate what you have contributed so far to the group! Can’t wait for the Bangladesh impact tour too!

Stay tuned for our upcoming exhibition in London May 5-9!

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