Soul Exhibition opens at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Soul Exhibition opens at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre
August 15, 2015 admin

Exhibition Dates: 15 th – 17 th August (Friday – Monday), 10 am-7pm Exhibition Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Celebration Event for Indonesian Independence Day: 16 th August (Sunday), 3pm

Soul defines who we are and what we see.

These artworks documented the adventures of a group of young women, painting their life and soul with courage by working alone as a domestic helper in Hong Kong. Every time when a shutter is clicked, it signifies uncertainty; every time when a transition is made, the journey is to be celebrated. Every time when a shutter is clicked, it connects you and her; every time when a picture captured, the moments are to be unforgettable.

They recorded the specific moment of feeling connected in the daily context with cameras and share with us Reviews their stories of empowerment in this exhibition.

This resembles the life journey of our young women, who could not have imagined Reviews their amazing experience here without taking this adventurous step to Hong Kong.

A Fragment of memories

Anik, Asti, Sinna and I know each other because of photography. During the two years I taught photography to them and “Jiejie other” (“ya” in the language of the canton, which is often used to refer to domestic helpers in Hong Kong). Actually, I did not teach them many things. It is they who have much inspired me and guide me through all this trip.

For me, there are three types of people in photography:

People cynical and ambitious about saving the world
People who enjoy taking pictures time and berselfie
Those who consider themselves as artists and assume photography is an art
Sorry, I insinuated rather sharp, but there are reasons behind this stereotype. In Hong Kong, some curators are too focused on the social status of artists and background artists. They uphold the value of a work of art by exaggerating about how keterkaitnya with society, culture and even semiology. This is how they give “meaning” to the work of art: how to make it sound “live” and “in”.

The works Anik, Asti and Sinna is not a work that shocked the whole world, but the three women talked about their lives wholeheartedly. They tell us about how they left home and came to this strange city for a living, and how they built a sense and sensibility as well as express themselves through the light and the “shadow”.

As well as photos Asti diary, a book that tells us about his daily life and it is not something that is a big thing. Everyday life real and natural, which is recorded in the record snippets of memories that he could hope to remember.

No matter their artistic works or not, object and motivation of their work are no longer important. After all, they will soon leave this town and go back to his hometown.

So, when you see their work, do not try to criticize. Let’s appreciate this tangible piece of the story and felt with the heart.

Simon Wan (Founder of PhotoCrafters)

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