Jiwa/ Kaluluwa/ Soul/ 心靈

Jiwa/ Kaluluwa/ Soul/ 心靈
January 31, 2015 admin

Lensational’s 2015 pop-up exhibition “Jiwa/Kaluluwa/Soul/心靈” is here now! Featuring film photographs taken by our all-time wonderful Indonesian & Filipino domestic helpers about their unique journey in Hong Kong.

Since our first show back in October 2013, we have always wanted to make a creative statement about women empowerment. This second exhibition pays tribute to our dearest domestic helpers/ Lensational students who have joined our photo-education workshops for over 3 months. We will be touring around Hong Kong, at places you can never imagine! (Maybe even outside Hong Kong, who knows!)

1st stop (19-23 Jan): Yasumoto International Academic Park at CUHK

2nd stop (26-30 Jan): Cheng Yu Tung Building at CUHK

(We will be updating the list as the date gets closer.. Stay tuned!)

What is Jiwa? Or Kaluluwa?

Jiwa and Kaluluwa mean one same thing – “soul” in Bahasa/ Tagalog. Something intangible but critical that drives Filipino/ Indonesian women to be who they are, what they do as foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. This exhibition documents how domestic helpers move out of their comfort zones over the course of their employment in Hong Kong, slowly but progressively.

What is the significance of photography in this exhibition?

Photography is used as an analogy to describe this particular state of mind for all those who are in transition. While lost in uncertainty, people tend to be easily affected by noise around them, and they lack the time and luxury of quietly listening to their own hearts. This exhibition serves the purpose of reminding everyone not to merely focus on results, but to treasure the transition of uncertainty and celebrate the journey of change.

What camera did the Lensational photographers use?

To effectively replicate core elements of change, progression and transition, our photo- education process with the domestic helpers involves the use of Holga cameras. Holga is a medium format 120-film camera, proudly made in Hong Kong and known for its low-fidelity aesthetic. Unlike digital cameras, where we can easily view or delete photos, photos taken with Holga can only be viewed after developing and printing films. Meaning of the photography process with Simon Wan, our Lensational guest photographer – Every time when a shutter is clicked, it signifies uncertainty.

Special thanks to our partners & sponsor

Many kudos to our partners who supported Lensational all the way: Holga, Fair Employment Agency, Tck Learning Centre, We Care 融之家. Last but not least, our amazing exhibition sponsor: LSnP, a new energetic and artsy haircare brand in Hong Kong.

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