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  • May292015

    Member of the Week: Chloe Cheng

    Our member of the week features Chloe Cheng, our program manager in Hong Kong. She has been organizing advanced photography…

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  • May212015

    Member of the Week: Sunnie Chiu

    This special week, we would like to honor our program leader Sunnie who brought the concept of Lensational all the…

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  • May072015

    Member of the Week: Cherie Tam

    The first blog of May introduces you to our MVP of the week: Cherie Tam! She has a dedicated public…

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  • Apr302015

    Member of the Week: Amy Chau

    Amy shares with us her journey with Lensational since November 2014. She has been working as our marketing and public…

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  • Apr232015

    Member of the Week: Jenny Jieyi Liu

    Today, we are introducing Jenny Liu from our London team. Jenny has worked with our photography and research team and…

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  • Apr112015

    Member of the Week: Alejandra Zolezzi

    This week we are presenting Alejandra Zolezzi, in our Photography & Research team based in Barcelona! Alejandra is a psychologist,…

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  • Mar192015

    Member of the week: Winnie Yeung

    This week we are presenting, Winnie Yeung, our social media strategist from Vermont! Thank you so much for your work…

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  • Mar122015

    Member of the Week: Solomon Wong

    Dear Readers, It’s Thursday again! After celebrating our 2nd anniversary in London, we are now returning to Hong Kong. Our…

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  • Mar082015

    Impact Report: Two Years On

    Lensational is launching the first impact report, two years since the inception of Lensational. Through this impact report, we hope…

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  • Mar052015

    Member of the Week: Lucile Stengel Mazzoleni

    It’s been an eventful week! We had a great live crowdfunding session with YTFN and a photo exhibition at London…

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